Jumat, 30 Maret 2012

Contoh pidato B. Inggris tentang NARKOBA


       Praise be to Allah, the God who asks us to the right direction and give us guidance.You direct us to the best direction.We bear witness that there is no god but Allah,there is no partner with him.We alsa bear witness that Muhammad is his devotee and his messenger.
       Dear my brother and sisters !
       In truth, Allah will not see the good things except he permits us to consume, will not see shamefull deeds except he forbid us from taking them.This is the law of Allah. Why so?It's because Allah wishes goodness for us,and does not wish for our damage.He wishes usefullness for us,and not destruction.Therefore,each moslem must consume the good things, and must not approach the forbidden things.
        Is it fitting that a young man who claims to be a moslem,but enjoy the forbidden things? Is it fair that a young man who claims to believe the truth of the Qur'an,then smoke marijuana and cocaine?Is it fitting that a young man who claims to follow the model set by messenger, but still consumes opium and heroine?
        The moslem youngster, you are all the ideal of the moslem ! That's why,never you become part of the group of insurgents! 
         Swear by God that evil actions are really alive tortures in the world,and the tortures in the hereafter are much more deadful.Imam Ahmad and Ibnu Majah told a narrative from Ibnu' Abbas ra who said: Rasulullah said"Don't endanger your selves and others"

         Wassalamu'alaikum Wr. Wb

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